Burke County Government and Leadership

Burke County, Georgia is governed by the Board of Commissioners which adopts budgets, sets tax rates, adopts policies for the operation of the County government, and adopts ordinances to keep order and protect the health and welfare of Burke County residents.

Waynesboro and each of the incorporated cities within the county have mayors and some of the municipalities elect city councils to help govern.

Burke County Board of Commissioners

602 Liberty Street
Waynesboro, GA 30830
County Manager – Merv Waldrop
Commission Chairman – Terri Lodge Kelly

City of Waynesboro (County Seat)

628 Myrick Street
Waynesboro, GA 30830
Mayor – Greg Carswell
City Manager - Valerie Kirkland

City of Sardis

713 Charles Perry Avenue
P.O. Box 398
Sardis, GA 30456
Mayor – Carol Edmonds

City of Midville

P.O. Box 234
Midville, GA 30441
Mayor – Sam Cummings

City of Keysville

P.O. Box 159
Keysville, GA 30816
Mayor – Linda Wilkes

City of Girard

P.O. Box 10
Girard, GA 30426
Mayor – William Cox