Though many associate Burke County and its plantations with quail and field trials, hundreds of others come year each year to hunt dove, deer and turkey.

Burke County is home to four wildlife management areas operated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The public lands offer thousands of acres to sportsmen and nature enthusiasts for their enjoyment.

Di-Lane Plantation

Di-Lane Plantation offers 8100 acres of pine and hardwood timber stands, open fields and about 200 acres of planted fields for its popular dove hunts.

Since Di-Lane came under state management in 1992, bobwhite quail habitat has been restored and management practices have also encouraged healthy populations of whitetail deer, Eastern wild turkey, mourning dove and other small game.

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Yuchi WMA

Yuchi WMA named for the Yuchi tribe of native Americans that once called this region home, offers 7,800 acres of public hunting land, including 40 acres of planted dove fields. Yuchi is also the site of an extensive program to restore the longleaf pine and wire grass ecosystem that once thrived in this area. It offers prime deer, turkey and small game hunting opportunities.

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Alexander WMA

Alexander WMA, established in 1996, encompasses 1,300 acres of mostly pine habitat and a 20-acre dove field. Sportsmen to to Alexander WMA for dove, turkey, fox, bobcat, raccoon, opossum, or to bow hunt for deer.

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Mead Farm WMA

Mead Farm WMA, the smallest and most recently established, opened in 2003. Though its small in size many say it offers some of the finest whitetail deer hunting around.

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Several privately owned properties offer avid sportsmen additional opportunities to enjoy wildlife. Several are intensively managed and offer a full range of packages.