A full service hospital, a proactive health department, and state of the art Emergency Management Agency work in sync to bring high-quality heathcare options to residents of Burke County and several surrounding counties.

Burke Medical Center

Burke Medical Center, centrally located at the corner of Liberty and Fourth streets in Waynesboro, offers modern facilities and comprehensive services that are often not found in typical rural hospitals. General acute care, surgical, labor and delivery and a nursery are available to patients as well as as a state of the art, 24 hour a day emergency department. The hospital also provides specialty services including physical, occupational and speech therapies; enterostomal (wound) therapy; radiology (including CT, mammography and ultrasound); and respiratory therapy. An in-house pharmacy, dietary and environmental services and a laboratory provide additional support to the facility.

Burke County is also fortunate to have several outstanding physicians who operate private practices ranging from primary care to obstetrics and other specialties.

Burke County Health Department

The Burke County Health Department provides a range of preventative healthcare services such as baby and immunization clinics, prenatal care and family planning services, high blood pressure treatment and a dental clinic. The department’s healthcare professionals work innovatively to keep Burke County’s residents well and promote healthy lifestyles.

Burke County Emergency Management Agency

Burke County, unlike most rural counties, benefits from a full-service Emergency Management Agency (EMA). The Burke County Ema’s emergency medical technicians and paramedics are on call night and day at 11 substations scattered across the county in addition to the agency’s headquarters in Waynesboro. Some 120 professionals with the EMA are dually trained as firefighters and emergency medical technicians or paramedics, and a dive team also responds when needed.

Nearly 95 percent of Burke County’s residents live within five miles of a radio-dispatched EMA station where EMA responders are on duty around the clock. Ambulances provide emergency and routine transport services within the County as well as to Augusta or elsewhere when needed.